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Diagnosis and Management of Von Willebrand Disease: Guidelines for Primary Care.It is characterized clinically by mucocutaneous bleeding, such as epistaxis and menorrhagia.

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Dr. Willebrand himself.

Von Willebrand disease (VWD) type 1 is reported to be common.There are three types of vWD and Type 1—characterized by lower levels of clotting factor VIII than normal—is the mildest and most common.Von Willebrand Disease: Most Important Points - Duration: 9:15.

Von Willebrand Disease

Canine genetic testing for Von Willebrand disease type 1 available.I have type one and I was diagnosed when I was 10 months old, when my parents took me to the ER due to buckets of blood.

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Sadler JE: Von Willebrand disease type 1: a diagnosis in search of a.

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Type 1 Von Willebrand Disease Patient: Jane Doe Gender: Female Age: 25 Presentation: Jane Doe came to the doctor after having trouble with the bleeding that occurred.

DDAVP is the treatment of choice for individuals with vWD type I.

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